Best Way to Stop an Itching Tattoo

Right after getting a tattoo inked, most people complain about the sudden urge to scratch the surface of the skin. This is because the tattoo process makes your skin dry and flaky. The tattoo ink also feels like a peeling off substance sticking on the body which gives the urge to scrape it off. There are various ways which you can try to stop itching from a tattoo. These are given as follows:

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water before and during a tattoo procedure. Staying hydrated will keep your skin soft and prevent drying out hence itching will be prevented.

Use a good moisturizer

Be very generous while using a moisturizer on the tattooed skin. Apply a thick layer of a good quality moisturising product so your skin stays covered and does not flake out. Here is a recommended moisturizer that will work amazingly for you.

After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer

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After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer is formulated using grapeseed oil which is a rich Hydrating ingredient. It gives your tattoo the moisture content it requires to stay soft and hydrated. The product is free from chemicals and parabens so it not only treats irritation but also prevents it. The water based formula absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave a greasy texture on the skin. It is perfect for your newly inked as well as old tattoos. This moisturizer will also increase the vibrance and brightness of the tattoo colors and make it look more attractive and appealing.

Tattoo ointment

Tattoo ointments contain soothing and refreshing ingredients which keep your tattoo soft and hydrated, giving you a refreshed feel. These are a great way to stop tattoo itching and irritation.

INK-EEZE Tattoo Products Pink Glide Tattoo Ointment

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If you have been trying numerous products and your tattoo itching has not stopped yet, try out a tattoo ointment. It surely won’t disappoint you. Talking about this particular product, it comes from a well known brand of tattoo Aftercare. It will heal your tattoo within just a few days of usage. You only need to use it regularly and you’ll observe how your tattoo itching stops instantly.

Tattoo aftercare products

Taking proper care of the tattoo after it is inked is a very important step to keep it protected. This includes many factors like covering it up properly and providing it proper hydration. Check out the following tattoo Aftercare product for avoiding the urge to itch the tattoo.

Tattoo Goo The Original Aftercare Salve

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Right after getting a tattoo, you should have tattoo aftercare product in stock so you can use them for hastening up the healing process. Tattoo Goo aftercare salve is made with natural oils and healing waxes which make your tattoo heal faster. It stops the feeling of scratching and makes your tattoo vibrant and attractive.

Tattoo protection products

Products used to cover and hide the tattoo can play an important role in preventing itching and scratching. This is because the environmental factors influencing the disturbance of tattoo healing are blocked and tattoo heals faster.

Dri-Loc Tattoo Bandage for Tattoo Protection

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Dri-Loc Tattoo Bandage provides enough moisture to your tattoo while protecting it from foreign particles to enter. This won’t allow any dust or dirt particles to cause irritation and interfere with the natural balance of your skin. Also when the tattoo is covered, it prevents you from scratching the tattoo.


Itching or scratching the tattoo can ruin your entire artwork. It will also give you a lot of pain. Trying out ways you can reduce this itching sensation can be helpful to give your skin a soothing and refreshed feeling. Fresh and hydrated skin will heal faster as compared to dry and flaky one. Our recommendations have been tested by tattoo lovers and approved by tattoo experts so you can try these out without hesitation.

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