Not all skin cancers need a surgical procedure.  Because many cancers are caught at a very early stage of development, they are superficial, and can be confined to the very top layer of skin.  When early, or developing non melanoma skin cancers are diagnosed, it is important to discuss all of your treatment options. 

Often, a cream can be prescribed that the patient applies twice a day for several weeks at home.  The medicine in the cream is absorbed by the abnormal cells,  As the abnormal cells get destroyed, the area becomes irritated and a can get a little raw.  Once we get this desired response, we stop the medicine, and use healing ointment for a few days. 

Patients often ask: “How do you know that the skin cancer cells are gone”?  A follow up appointment is made in order to see the patient back several months later for re-examination.  At this visit, we evaluate the treated site to ensure that the superficial cancer is completed cured. 

In the right setting, this is extremely effective and better than surgery. In addition, there is no scarring from topical therapy.

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