Ask any young woman which nail shade she loves to wear the most. You can get various answers ranging from the tangerine to the fuchsia and the neon to the green. But, did you ever pause to think whether the shade suits your skin tone or not? Many people feel that having bright and shining colors on the nails is the key to attracting people to them. However, it is not so. One should carefully choose the color that suits their skin tone. A wrong shade makes you look horribly out of place, whereas the correct choice takes your beauty quotient to the highest levels.

Let us discuss the colors and shades that people with varying skin tones should choose and avoid. Nugenesis nail colors are available in an exciting range of options to suit each skin tone and preference.

Nail Colors to Suit Your Skin Tone

We shall start with the dark-skinned tones and move gradually to the fairer shades.

Dark Skin

Nail Colors to Suit Your Skin Tone

Shades that suit – Having dark skin is a tremendous advantage because it allows you to easily carry off exotic nail shades. Colors like deep red, burgundy, and dark greens combine beautifully with dark skin and enhance your attraction quotient. At the same time, the bright orange shades or the pink enamels provide the perfect contrast to bring out your glamor quotient.

Shades to avoid – People with darker skin tones should avoid dark brown because it can merge with their skin color. Secondly, the brightest yellows and deep greys look out of place.

Wheatish Skin

Nail Colors to Suit Your Skin Tone

Shades that suit – People with wheatish skin can carry off almost all nail colors with elan. The bright shades like orange, yellow, and blue, and the pinks look incredibly beautiful on wheatish skin. Besides, metallic hues like golden, silver, bronze, etc., look heavenly and enhance the skin tone’s neutrality. In addition, nail art designs add to their exotic collection by blending beautifully with their skin tone.

Shades to avoid – While most colors suit wheatish-skinned people, they should avoid specific colors like dark red, dark purple, and navy blue. The deep yellows also do not look very pleasing to people with brownish skin tones.

They can choose their favorite shades from the exotic range of Nugenesis nail colors.

Fair Skin Tone

Nail Colors to Suit Skin Tone

Shades that suit – Fair-skinned people can consider themselves the most fortunate because every color looks gorgeous on their nails. They can effortlessly carry off all colors and steal the show wherever they go. For example, the bright and deep reds look magnificent on their nails because they provide the perfect contrast to the creamy skin color. Similarly, the dark brown and black enamel nail colors look heavenly, especially on fair-skinned women with long nails.

Shades to avoid – While every color shade suits them, they can stay away from dark orange and dark greens as these colors can look exceedingly prominent on their skin.

They can look for their favorite shades in the Nugenesis nail colors collection and pick the ones they love.

Pale Skin Tone

Nail Colors to Suit Skin Tone

Shades that suit – People with pale complexion are those with extremely fair skin tone, bordering on the white. These people can carry the darkest colors exceedingly well. Besides, the light shades look great on their skin. Nugenesis powder offers an excellent choice of colors to suit their tastes. The brightest reds and the darkest browns look equally attractive on these nails. This skin tone might be the only category that can carry the deepest purples and look glamorous to the core.

Shades to avoid – It can be a challenge to find a color that the pale complexion people should avoid. Nevertheless, the maroons and the brightest yellows do not suit them.

Nugenesis should be the brand to look out for when looking for the best powder colors.

A generous tip

While skin tone should be one of the qualifications to decide on the perfect nail color combo, you should look at the attire, occasion, and season. All these factors combine to offer the ideal nail manicure. However, if you doubt which color suits you the best, you can rely on the nude shades because they go well with all skin types, dresses, occasions, and seasons.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed the most common skin tones in women globally, especially in south-east Asia. This article should prove valuable to people searching for the perfect color combination to wear on their nails.

Nugenesis nail colors offer excellent color combinations for everyone. The range on display can be mindboggling. You can go with whichever manicure you like. However, if you prefer dip powder, Nugenesis powder should be ideal for its highest quality levels.

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