Nail polish is an absolute craze among modern women. However, you have different types of nail manicures like gel and lacquer, dipping powder, etc. With Christmas around the corner, women love to splash their nails around with exquisite designs. Nail art stickers provide them the liberty to do so.

One admits that you have to settle for a specific design when you opt for nail sticker christmas designs. It is not possible to get the gorgeous designs on your nails, but it is a God-sent opportunity for nail art lovers who cannot create these fabulous designs at home.

The best aspect of these nail stickers is that anyone can apply them with absolute comfort. One should note that each type of nail sticker has a different method of application.

Here are some nail art designs that you would love to have for Christmas.

A simple sticker with an adhesive backing

The advantage of having these simple stickers with adhesive backing is that it is easy to apply. You have to peel the sticker and stick it on the nails. As these stickers come in an array of beautiful designs, there is no limit to the creativity that you can experiment with. A simple example would be the Angry Birds Stickers that are the rage today. They can stick over your gel or lacquer polish and enhance the overall beauty.

Lace Nail Art Stickers

These stickers are similar to the ones described above but with a small difference. They come in striped designs that allow you to cut them according to your preferences. These lace nail art stickers are available in various colors and designs. As you apply them, they lend an air of glamor to your nails.

3D Nail Stickers

If you wish to change from the simplistic stickers discussed above, the 3D nail stickers should be ideal. They are also similar to the stickers with an adhesive backing as you peel them and apply them directly on the nails. The difference is that these stickers give out a 3-D design. The ones with floral designs look gorgeous as you apply them over the gel and lacquer nail polish.

Fimo Nail Stickers

The Fimo nail stickers have a different application methodology. These stickers are made of polymer clay and come in the form of sticks or pre-cut cute shapes. If you opt for the stick designs, you have to be careful to cut them into thin strips and stick them to your nails. As they do not have an adhesive backing, you have to use nail glue or nail paint to complete the manicure.

Metal Nail Art Stickers

The name itself suggests that these stickers are made up of metal. They come in exquisite designs and look fantastic on your nails as you apply them to enhance the nail manicure. These stickers are excellent for covering up the chipped portion of nail polish and make your nails look as beautiful as ever. You have to use nail glue to stick these metal nail stickers Christmas to your nails.

3D Silica Gel Stickers

These stickers, made of silica gel, are soft and bendable. They come in beautiful floral designs to add to your nail’s attractiveness quotient. They are different from the simple nail art designs as you have to use nail glue to stick these 3D silica gel stickers to your nails.

Full Nail Stickers

The full nail stickers are simple nail art designs that are perfect if you do not have any nail polish on your nails. The gel full nail sticker is a variant of the full nail stickers. The procedure involves having two layers of stickers and a gel-like material between them. Since the process is tedious, it is advisable to seek the nail salon technician’s assistance for applying these stickers.

French Tip Sticker

These stickers are exquisite as they cover the nail tips and lets you experiment with a range of patterns. They give your nails a fuller look. These stickers also serve as a guide to create French tips. You can remove these stickers after painting the tip. These stickers are convenient to apply as you can peel and stick them to cover your nail tips. However, you have to cut them depending on your nail size.

We have discussed some of the most exquisite christmas nail stickers ideas that can make your festive season memorable. You can experiment with these nail art stickers and become a rage over social media channels like Insta and Pinterest.

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