Gel nail polish colors have emerged with lots of beauty mainstays. It is almost perdurable with a perfect glossy appearance and is easily made available in every nail salon. Gel nail polish has a more vital composition that grips the nail stiffer than most regular lacquers. It also comes in various colors. Gel nail polish colors can withstand the rigor of daily activities without splintering.

The Unbeatable Gel Nail Polish Colors

It has a wide range of shades that seems inexhaustible. You can always get a color of your choice. Gel nail polish colors add beauty to the nails; it also keeps the nails strong and healthy. Read on to learn useful tips that will lengthen the wear of your gel polish, boost your ego, and give you a healthy nail irrespective of the color.

Tips to Lengthen the Use of Gel Polish

Avoid Picking at Shedding Gel Polish

Most lovers of gel polish are in the habit of peeling the polish when a little peeled spit is sighted. When this occurs, water gains access into the nails, and this might nurse fungus and bacteria. It will be inevitable to pick on the peels without peeling the nails unconsciously. The damage that results from such peel could sap up to 6 months or more before it heals. For gel nail polish, it is essential to apply and remove it in the appropriate salon or manner. Gel nail polish can only weaken the nail bed when peeled.

Improper Removal Could Hurt

The gel polish mostly maintains its firm look till it’s time for removal. Do not compromise using other removal methods aside from soaking in acetone. When the nails are soaked and covered with foil, it leaves the nails dried. Do not scrape when the foil is off. Adequately cured gel polish falls when absorbed easily.

Give Your Nails a Break

It is generally advisable for nail polish lovers to give your nails a breathing space of polish, sometimes for a more healthy nail. Failure to allow fresh air on it might result in unhealthy natural nails. It can also result in dehydration and nail discoloration.

Tips for Removal of a Gel Nail Polish

It is not so difficult to have the gel nail polish off your nails. It is advisable to visit a salon or a professional to have them removed; you can also get them done in the comfort of your home. Let’s consider the materials needed for the safe and healthy removal of your gel polish. A best gel nail polish removal kit should include:

  • Cotton balls
  • Acetone
  • Aluminum foil
  • Coarse Nail File
  • Vitamin E Oil


Guide your skin: Before you soak your nails into the acetone, it is essential to safeguard the surrounding of your nails. To protect the skin, apply cream or cuticle oil. A baseline can also work perfectly as a protective coating.

Furbish your nails: Remove the furbished top coating of the gel with the coarse nail file. It is best to allow acetone to penetrate the polish—halt after removing the shinny part.

Deep cotton balls in acetone mixture: Avoid mixing the acetone with any other substances. Acetone is different from the regular polish remover, although the regular polish remover contains a certain percentage of acetone.

Wrap the soaked cotton balls on the nail with aluminum foil: It will not allow the cotton to fall off the nails. The acetone gel will slide away with the nails. If the aluminum foils give you discomfort or can’t lay your hands on cotton balls, you can get a bowl of warm water and add some acetone. Allow it to steam for a while and keep your nails there. The gel will peel off gently. Please, note that acetone is highly flammable; avoid putting it in water and attempting to boil or microwave.


Can Hot Bath Lift Gel Polish?

Yes! Hit bath is a foe for gel nail polish. Spending quality time taking a hot bath or in a hot tub makes the gel polish lift. When doing the dishes, it is also best to protect the hand with rubber gloves to avoid lifting. It is important to keep the nail hydrated.

What Makes It Durable?

Many are perplexed as to why gel polish lasts longer than traditional nail polish. Gel polish lasts because the chemicals mixed for the regular nail polish and the gel Polish differ regarding the brand. However, the most crucial distinction is the regular polish that can air dry, while gel polish requires placing your nail under the LED or UV light. It is this light that gives the nails a stiffer layer of polish for longevity and durability.


Gel nail polish is a modern trend. Its use is not limited to specific skin color. Gel color nail polish comes in different shades that suit your skin color and outfit. You don’t have to worry about combining colors for every occasion; gel polish offers unique colors that are durable and last longer.

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