Perfectly manicured nails always look beautiful. Today, you have nail polish procedures, like gel and dipping powder manicures that last long. However, these procedures and the chemicals in the nail polish can be tough on your nails.

Gel manicures are beautiful to have, but they can cause your nails to become brittle if you have the manicure frequently. There are also instances of nails peeling and cracking. Medical history records show that excessive use of nail polish can increase the risk of skin cancer. Other issues include dehydration and premature aging of your skin, especially around the nails.

You endeavor to keep your nails healthy before, during and also, after the gel manicure. Hence skin specialists (dermatologists) recommend the following tips for healthy DND nails.

Tips to Get the Perfect DND Nails

Never compromise on the product quality

Nail polish is available in plenty around the world. However, all nail polish is not the same. You have the expensive products and those that are available at dead-cheap rates. While purchasing your nail polish, you should never compromise on the product quality at any stage. The right thing to do is to buy DND nail polish set or similar quality products. They might seem a bit expensive initially, but they are healthy and save you money on your medical bills.

Be proactive with your nail salon technician

Though you can have the manicure session at your home, it is better to visit a nail salon to get a professional job done by experts in the field. However, you should exercise care and check out various aspects of the manicure procedure with the manicurist. You should be proactive and ask if the tools they use are sterilized. You can look around the salon to ensure that he/she is cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing the instruments after every client.

Ensure proper ventilation and sanitation facilities are available

It is also advisable to look around and ensure there are proper sanitation and ventilation in the salon. Nail polish can have a pungent odor and emit fumes that can cause respiratory issues if you inhale them continuously. Hence, a well-ventilated salon should be perfect.

Make sure that the technician follows the appropriate procedure

Every nail manicure has to follow a specific procedure. It is your responsibility to check out whether the salon technician follows the perfect procedure. The nail manicure starts with preparing the nails, followed by pushing the cuticles. This process is critical to have an excellent and long-lasting manicure. It is advisable not to let your nail manicurist push or cut the cuticle harshly, as it can cause inflammation and infections. You should ensure that he/she uses an orangewood cuticle pusher to push the cuticles gently into their sockets. It does not require any force to do it.

At times, traditional nail polish can be better than gel polish

People having allergic issues or recurring nail problems should not go for frequent gel manicures. It can aggravate the situation further. It is a better option to go for a traditional nail polish job instead of a gel manicure. Gel polish requires the use of acetone for removing it. People displaying allergic reactions to acetone should refrain from using a gel. You can check out the same when you buy DND daisy gel polish. This product is available in different categories.

Wear sunscreen to protect your tender skin from ultraviolet radiation

Gel manicures require curing the polish under an ultraviolet lamp for sufficient time. Along with your nails, your skin also gets exposed to UV rays. Prolonged UV exposure can cause medical issues like skin cancer. The right way to protect your skin is to use a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen cream/lotion with an SPF (sun protection factor) of a minimum of 30. It will protect your skin and prevent problems like premature aging and skin cancer. Another option is to wear dark, opaque gloves with the portions around the nails snipped off to allow the nail manicure.

Picking at nail polish is not advisable

Gel manicures last comfortably for three to four weeks. As your nail grows naturally, the polish might tend to lift. Under such conditions, it is not advisable to pick at the nail polish. The better option is to schedule a manicurist visit and go for a proper nail polish removal procedure.

Follow the ideal nail polish removal procedure

Nail polish removal involves soaking your fingernails in acetone. It is better to soak your fingertips alone into acetone and not the entire hand/fingers. Acetone can dehydrate your skin and cause them to become dry. An alternate option is to place cotton balls soaked in acetone on the fingernails and secure them with an aluminum wrap. It ensures that your skin does not come in contact with acetone.


The tips discussed above can prove useful to acquire high-quality DND gel polishes that you can display proudly to your friends and loved ones on social media.

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